Feeding Your Betta

Betta Nutrition

The Betta, or Siamese Fighting Fish, eats insects and insect larva in the wild. That probably isn’t what you’re feeding your pet Betta, right? The good news is that betta food pellets are highly nutritious, but have you ever eaten oatmeal everyday for a year? Probably not. Just like we would get tired of eating oatmeal everyday, your betta would enjoy some variety. We recommend these bug-based treats in moderation to spice up your betta’s diet;

  • Blood worms (we recommend getting the freeze dried worms)
  • Tubifex worms

How Much is Enough?

Betta’s make great first pets and as such many betta’s are for kids. Feeding your pet can be exciting for kids and they might look forward to it every day, but it’s important to remember that less is best when feeding your betta. Petland recommends feeding your betta once a day. Start by feeding one or two pellets. If your betta eats all the pellets, give one more. If he eats that one give him one more, etc. until your betta no longer shows interest in the food.

Signs of Overfeeding

Overfeeding is the biggest problem when caring for betta’s. Over feeding, especially in a small bowl, can cause the water to become cloudy and polluted from the accumulation of decaying food. This is harmful to your betta. If you notice cloudy water, you should clean the tank, add new water and feed less.

Happy Fish?

The easiest sign of a happy betta is a bubble nest.




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