Betta Fish Tank Set Up

Betta’s are low-maintenance and beautiful fish, making great first pets. Besides the striking colors, what makes bettas different?

It’s important to note that bettas are very different from community fish. Even in the wild, betta’s are a solitary fish and come from a very quiet setting. Male betta’s, the colorful fish you will find at Petland, are aggressive towards other fish both in the wild and as pets. Putting a betta with other fish is stressful for them, their long flowing fins can make them easy targets to faster “fin nipping” fish. For these reasons, bettas are most happy, and do quite well, living alone.

Larger bowls and aquariums are easier to maintain and decorate. In this video, we use a 2-gallon tank. We recommend not keeping more than 1 inch of fish per gallon of water. So a 2-gallon tank is the perfect size for a betta about 2 inches. You can also add live plants and a piece of driftwood to your tank.

Before you take your betta fish home from Petland, make sure to grab our Betta tip sheet which will answer all your questions on the four basic needs of your betta; environmental, nutritional, behavioral and maintenance.

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