HSUS Urges Lawmakers to go After Small Businesses During COVID-19

Sending the Wrong Message: Humane Society of the United States asks Lawmakers to Prioritize Closing Pet Stores During COVID   This message was not about COVID-19, the $2 trillion-dollar stimulus bill or the looming economic recession and resulting increase in unemployment. The message from Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) CEO Kitty Block was […]

3 Reasons You Should Have Cat Grass at Home

There’s no doubt your cat is full of his or her unique quirks- chittering at flies, hiding in boxes 10x too small or hiding in the bathtub. But is eating grass just another wonky cat-thing or are our cats smarter than we give them credit? It turns out be the latter- our cats have a […]

5 First Tricks for Your New Puppy

By John Woods. Founder of All Things Dogs– Dog Breeds, Training and Behavior.   Coming home with a new puppy is one of the most exciting events that could happen in an animal lover’s life. Their excitement and cuteness are infectious with their little paws and a head too big for their body. Between belly […]

Stressed? Get a Fish Tank!

How can Fish Tanks Improve Our Health and Well Being? We’ve all gotten transfixed by the fish tank in a dentist’s office and momentarily forgotten about the anxiety of being locked into that dental chair. When I’m having a stressful day at the Petland corporate office, I plant myself in front of the 60 gallon […]

Frisco, Texas, Strengthens Pet Store Regulations

IN FRISCO, TEXAS, EDUCATION BRINGS PROGRESSIVE REGULATIONS On January 21 the Frisco, Texas City Council voted unanimously in favor of an ordinance to strengthen pet store regulations in the city. What began as a polarizing debate about retail pet sales concluded with an education on what constitutes best practices in retail pet store management. Not […]

Got Algae? We’ve Got Solutions

Algae Problems and Solutions   Nobody starts an aquarium with the goal of having slimy, fuzzy, hairy, or smelly algae covering their glass and decorations, yet this can sometimes be the result. Excessive or persistent algae growth may even cause you to give up on keeping an aquarium all together. Although, you cannot stop all […]

What is Best for Pets?

What is Driving the Emotionally Charged Demands to Ban the Sales of Regulated Pets From Pet Stores? Is it a desire to improve animal welfare or is it to appease special interest groups? It can’t be both. -Joe Watson, President and CEO of Petland Inc.   Across America today, approximately 300-communities and 3-states have banned the sales of […]

Tips From a Vet: Skin & Coat

Healthy Skin and Coat What is the largest organ in the body of your dog and cat? The answer of course is the SKIN. Most people don’t think too much about the skin and have never thought of the skin as an organ. What exactly is an organ? An organ is a group of tissues […]

Impact of California’s Retail Pet Sale Ban

False Promises Create Unintended Consequences   Over the past 10 years animal welfare organizations have continued to advocate for the adoption of homeless dogs and have had impressive, measurable success. The American Pet Products Association (APPA) National Pet Owners Survey* reports a drastic increase in the number of dogs adopted via shelter or rescue. A […]

Petland Charities to donate more than $10K in pet food to Athens Food Pantry

  Monthly food shipments begin January 24, 2020, to the Athens County Food Pantry.    (Chillicothe, OH: January 16, 2020) –Petland Charities and the Athens County Food pantry are excited to announce their partnership to provide dog food for families in need. The program, which begins this month, will provide $10,000 in Petland’s private label […]

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