Betta Fish Tank Set Up

Betta’s are low-maintenance and beautiful fish, making great first pets. Besides the striking colors, what makes bettas different? It’s important to note that bettas are very different from community fish. Even in the wild, betta’s are a solitary fish and come from a very quiet setting. Male betta’s, the colorful fish you will find at […]

A Message From the President: Responsible Pet Ownership

Pets play an important role in our lives. Their love and dedicated companionship is unconditional and the health benefits of pet ownership is widely known. Their reaction to us rarely changes from day-to-day. They are blind to the worries of our world and it is in their nature to both give and receive love and […]

Senior Pet Health: Mental and Dental

How do we extend our animal companion’s lives and make them as healthy and happy for as long as possible?  It is very important to understand that aging itself is not a disease.  It’s a complex biological process driven by your pet’s genetics, environmental factors, nutrition, lifestyle and stress level. Dental Health Dental disease is a […]

Feeding Your Betta

Betta Nutrition The Betta, or Siamese Fighting Fish, eats insects and insect larva in the wild. That probably isn’t what you’re feeding your pet Betta, right? The good news is that betta food pellets are highly nutritious, but have you ever eaten oatmeal everyday for a year? Probably not. Just like we would get tired […]

Petland Heath Launches Shelter Effort

Program provides gift cards to families who adopt at the Licking County Dog Shelter Petland in Heath has been matching the right pet with the right customer since 1986. They are now also helping support families who find the right pet at the Licking County Dog Shelter and Adoption Center. Beginning February 1, anyone who […]

Why Does my Pet do THAT: Betta Bubble Nests

If you’ve ever owned a Betta you’ve probably noticed a lot of bubbles in a corner of your tank or near the rim of the bowl. What do all those bubbles mean? Simply put; you have a happy Betta! If your Betta were in the wild, this would be a sign he’s looking for a […]

Local Shelter Fueled by Petland Charities

Petland Charities is starting the new year off right! This year, Petland is excited to dive head first into our local charities initiatives. Petland Charities will be feeding the dogs at Ross County Humane Society (RCHS) highly nutritional Heartland Naturals dog food. Did we mention all year long? That’s right! Petland Charities will be providing RCHS […]

Keep Those Puppy Noses Warm This Winter!

Simple tips for a safe and healthy winter for your pet   INSIDE IS BEST Dogs are just as susceptible to frostbite and hypothermia as humans, so Petland encourages pet owners to bring your pets inside during below-freezing weather. If they do have to be outside for any length of time, a heated water bowl […]

Petland Charities Donates $4,000 to Heartland Canines for Veterans

Petland Charities is pleased to announce the results of its November fundraising campaign, which raised $4,000 for Heartland Canines for Veterans, a 501c3 organization that provides companion, service and therapy dogs for disabled veterans. In 2015, Petland, Inc. committed to supporting the cost of one dog per year for five years. The average cost to raise and train […]

Holiday Pet Safety Tips P.2

Rock Around the Holiday Tree…The Safe Way! Dr. Thomas Edling, DVM, MSpVM, MPH Welcome to Part Two of our Holiday Pet tips. Today we are focusing on Pet-safe holiday parties and travelling with your pet. To read about holiday foods and pet-safe decorations, please click here. Pet-Safe Holiday Parties Holiday parties come with unknown visitors, new […]

Video Gallery

Discover more about Petland in our Video Gallery! Packed with tons of valuable information, our gallery was designed to educate everyone on what Petland is all about!

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Petland Gives Back

Through Petland Charities, a 501c3 organization, Petland partners with the communities their corporate stores call home to raise funds for local shelters and K9 units.

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Myth vs Fact

We're working to end cruelty and substandard care. We share in the concern of communities and have a common objective to put puppy mills out of business. That’s why we’re continually working to push for the highest standards of care at our breeder facilities and in our own facilities. Get the facts.

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Petland Gives Back to Communities via Petland Charities

Learn how Petland is giving back to local shelters and K9 units through their new charitable giving organization, Petland Charities.

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