Vaccines: The Greatest Advancement of Pet Health in our Lifetime

A fantastic vaccination success story is about one of the most deadly viruses in the world…. More deadly than Ebola – Rabies Lyssavirus or simply Rabies which is a zoonotic disease that animals can spread to people. Dog rabies didn’t arrive in the United States until sometime in the late 1700’s.  It was common in […]

How to Read a Dog Food Label

We’ve all been there. Standing in the grocery reading off the ingredients list in our heads- what are  —oxtyls, -itrates, -erolds and -oxines and why are they in my food? If you’ve ever flipped over your dog’s food bag, the ingredients list might confuse you just as much as a human one. Here’s how to […]

July 4th Pet Safety

July 4th is one of our favorite times to come together, celebrate with friends and family and eat lots of food. For our pets, July 4th means loud fireworks, lots of people and food and summer heat. Although the fourth is a time for us to celebrate, it oftentimes mean stress for our pets. Before […]

Meet the Parakeet: Petland Pet of the Month

The Parakeet aka Budgie – Big Personality in a Small Package The third most popular pet in the world, after the domesticated dog and cat and have been bred in captivity since the 19th century. The budgerigar is closely related to lories and the fig parrots. Although in general, budgies as pets live an average […]

Good Boy! Have a Carrot: Battling Pet Obesity

I’m sure everyone has heard the phrase “Killing Them with Kindness” used several times during their lives. The phrase literally means to cause discomfort to someone by treating him or her in a way that is extremely kind or helpful instead of returning an insult or wrong. Have you ever though that the same phrase, […]

Petland and Pets in the Classroom: More than 600 Grants

Petland stores across the country have provided more than 600 Pets in the Classroom grants to teachers through the Pet Care Trust since inception of the program. The program allows for teachers to apply online for a classroom pet and choose their preferred Petland location. They receive a coupon that provides them with a pet, […]

Petland Brasil Fulfills First 2 Make-A-Wishes

Make-A-Wish is global! Make-A-Wish International has fulfilled over 2,200 wishes in Brasil. Petland Brasil is proud to grant their first two wishes this year! Click to learn more about Petland’s charity and community service initiatives.

Making Smiles Happen: Petland Novi

Fullfilling Matthew’s Wish In honor of Matthew Dugas, Petland Novi will donate 100% of proceeds of a Yorkie puppy to Mitochondrial Disease research. The first Yorkie was gifted to Matthew in 2014. Matthew just had a scare at the hospital and his family was grateful for his discharge. To cheer him up, Matthew’s mom took […]

Petland Chillicothe Donates Pomeranian Puppy to Ava’s Magical Unicorns

Fundraiser for cystic fibrosis April 6 at Greenfield VFW Ranch; Petland of Chillicothe thanked for support By Jean Little, M.Ed. Greenfield Elementary School Over the weekend, we had an amazing experience at Petland in Chillicothe, and I truly believe that we should not only thank them in a big way, but also make sure that […]

Ferrets are the Best! Happy National Ferret Day!

Ferrets really are the best pet! By Marshall Ferrets   Here at Marshall, if there is one thing we know, it is ferrets. We have been the largest breeder and exporter of the world’s friendliest ferrets since 1939. Over the years we have seen the popularity of ferrets grow to become the third most popular […]

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Petland Gives Back

Through Petland Charities, a 501c3 organization, Petland partners with the communities their corporate stores call home to raise funds for local shelters and K9 units.

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Myth vs Fact

We're working to end cruelty and substandard care. We share in the concern of communities and have a common objective to put puppy mills out of business. That’s why we’re continually working to push for the highest standards of care at our breeder facilities and in our own facilities. Get the facts.

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Petland Gives Back to Communities via Petland Charities

Learn how Petland is giving back to local shelters and K9 units through their new charitable giving organization, Petland Charities.

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