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The Benefits of Adding a Puppy to Your Family

Dog ownership comes with lots of responsibility, but there are also many science-backed benefits to adding a dog to your family.


No matter what happens during your day, your dog is a friendly face that greets you when you get home. Studies have shown that when you pet a friendly and familiar dog – your blood pressure lowers, heart rate slows, and other signs of physical stress become reduced.

For elderly people, life can be lonely. Owning a dog has proven to help reduce diagnosis for depression among elderly people.1


Owning a dog means lots of trips outside to use the bathroom and frequent walks. When you’re out and about with your dog in public – the chances for social interaction are much more frequent.

People are much more likely to stop and say hello to you if you’re walking your dog. Talking about your dog is a natural segway to talking about you and your lifestyle, and these relaxed conversations could help you open up.

Regular Exercise

Even if it’s just a quick trip around the block, walking and exercising your dog helps you stay active. Dog owners are much more likely to participate in moderate physical activities, encouraging you to throw on shoes and take a walk around the block, no matter what the season.